Make Memories : Have Adventures at Kintaline House, Benderloch By Oban Argyll West Coast of Scotland
Serene Spacious Child-Free Well Appointed Comfort Rural Self catering Holiday home
Visit Oban, Scotland for mountains, islands, culture, heritage, sunsets, space, food, outdoor adventures, experiences and so much more

Kintaline is a perfect place for longer stays - 7 - 28 days and, for these guests, there are full laundry facilities so you can make yourself at home.
  • Washing machine with a small amount of Ecover laundry and conditioner liquids in the cupboard.
  • Outdoor washing line whirly
  • Pegs and washing basket
  • 2 full size dryer racks - the conservatory makes a great place to dry whilst you are out, most of the year
  • Ironing board and iron
  • A tumble dryer if really necessary, we all know how bad these are for the environment.

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