Make Memories : Have Adventures at Kintaline House, Benderloch By Oban Argyll West Coast of Scotland
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Nature and wildlife in North Argyll

The North Argyll area is teeming with life - from the soaring eagles, down to the precious North Atlantic rainforest lichens. 

Eagles - can be spotted in the air all around, Kilninver .. Mull .. Look out for Sea Eagles and Golden .. and the Buzzards are worth a mention, far more common, you can often drive past one on a fence post, or watch them circling in the thermals above the farm. 

Deer - Glen Etive red deer are renowned for their tameness, but there are deer to be seen in various spots across the area

Glasdrum Nature reserve on Loch Creran  - butterflies, especially the Checkered skipper

South Shian woods - birds, flowers and butterflies, especially the Marsh Fritillary

Red Squirrels are found in the woods around us .. check out the Red Squirrel page for sighting spots 

Puffins and Marine wildlife : Basking Shark tours  : Staffa 

Identification at

Lichens - our North Atlantic rain forest ecology is very special, particularly the Hazel Gloves  - if you want help in identifying the myriad species as you walk, these guides are wonderful

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