Make Memories : Have Adventures at Kintaline House, Benderloch By Oban Argyll West Coast of Scotland
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Visit Oban, Scotland for mountains, islands, culture, heritage, sunsets, space, food, outdoor adventures, experiences and so much more

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What is there to do in our wonderful area ? - oh so much! Guests staying for a fortnight say there is still so much to come back for.
Click the links above for a map of local attractions and a calendar of local events

Oban and Argyll is a place of long views, seas, mountains, skies, woods. It is a photographers heaven, a naturalists haven, a heritage buffs treasure trove, and a foodies indulgence. I have shared some of the potential adventures, experiences, activities and events on this website and On booking Kintaline guests get access to a comprehensive digital guidebook that gives lots of information about the house and the area around here, including attractions, experiences, day trips. 
This has details of fishing licences, walks, drives, places to eat, agricultural shows, highland games, and much more. 

Visiting Oban Distillery is a popular choice for all

Such a cute Highland calf

Kayakers enjoy the challenges of the nearby Falls of Lora

There are an increasing number of Experiences to dive into - please do not hesitate to ask if there are specific interests you have that you would like more information about, nearly 40 years in the area means a lot of local knowledge. 

There is so much to do in our local area : and most of it is free and available all year around.
The scenery, seas, skies, light, lochs, sunsets, moonscapes, aurora, beaches, wildlife and nature are just waiting for you to enjoy - walk, cycle, climb, kayak, scuba dive, ride, wander, stop and sit. 

You fall over our heritage, from prehistory to modern era, around every corner and you can walk around many locations at any time of year. Some have extra attractions and facilities that are seasonal.

The whole area is a photographers dream.

For the active there are plenty of mountains to climb, lochs, sea and rivers to kayak, islands to sail to, wrecks or reefs to dive on, the Sustrans cycle route 78 is close by
Forest walks are teeming with wildlife - the flora and fauna is wonderful - soaring eagles, beautiful butterflies, blazing gorse across the hillsides in the spring and heather in the summer, unique hazel gloves lichen from our Atlantic rainforest habitat. 

A Guests capture of Castle Stalker - click image for full effect

West coast Sunsets are world renowned. 

Our light is ever changing, the skies seem to reach forever, and no road has the same view - you go out towards the sea and come back towards the mountains.

Whilst the Shetland islands are the mecca for those chasing the Northern lights, Aurora dancers are seen in this area too. 

click on images to see more from these talented local photographers

Sheila MacIntyre Photography sunset over Oban pontoons

Nick Edgington : aurora over Dunollie Castle, Oban

Outdoor activities abound  - it really should be a Mecca for the outdoor sports of land sea and skies.  just ask for ideas and directions to more local information and connections who will love to share the area with you :- whether your passion is fishing, riding, sailing, kayaking, climbing, jet ski, stand up boarding, wild swimming, spear fishing, scuba diving, wreck diving, para gliding, wake boarding, flying, wind surfing, natural history, rock climbing, coasteering, mountaineering in all seasons, skiff rowing, cycling

But maybe more important : - Take your time .. relax and enjoy .. you can always come back for more. 

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