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About Us

2020 was the inaugural year of full time self catering for Kintaline and it was a delight to welcome guests to the house. This continues into 2021 and beyond.

Kintaline has been my home for 30 years, but it's history stretches back to the Ice Age, this corner of the world being one of the last to be covered in ice, the land rising up as the ice retreated, rapidly recolonised by the seeds in the seas then animals, and, following them Man. Prehistoric sites abound in this parish, it has always been an important place, the energy of this land must have been powerful even then as there was a massive burial cairn close to where the driveway now is. In more recent past, many rescue dogs, cats and other waifs have found their way here, rested, recovered and gone on to new lives. There is peace here, a place to recover and restore .. a place to explore and invigorate .. and a place to enjoy.
The farm is small now, just 24 acres of pasture, with a growing number of trees and hedgerow. The ethos here is about regeneration - building soils, habitat, species diversity and aiming to use permaculture ethics of Earth Care, Fair Share, People Care in what happens here.
The house is aiming for the same ethos by using environmentally friendly materials, reusing good quality vintage goods, which will be steadily improved as investment is possible. The house is a highly insulated Scandiahus design, with triple glazing and heat extraction.
Guests are encouraged to recycle with bins provided, bags are all compostable, and a bin to add to the farm composting is available.
The garden is mature with many plants for insects, birds, habitat for many species and being developed to offer more food growing for guests to enjoy, taking some and sharing with the next.
There are a number of ambitious plans to help towards the aim of treading lightly on this earth.
Prices are set to allow for constant appraisal and upgrading of guest facilities, to provide support for the rest of the farm as well as investment in future developments to cut our carbon footprint, like installing Solar panels, without exploiting our guests.
Kintaline has joined the Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency initiative to help build a new, regenerative tourism industry. The development of the Climate Action Plan for Kintaline house and farm will continue to be an evolving process.


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Your Welcome team

Jill has lived at Kintaline for 30 years, in the 250 year old farmhouse beside Kintaline House.

She will welcome you and always be available to answer any questions. Much of the time she will be somewhere around the 24 acres of Kintaline, working on growing, maintenance, caring for the land here. She may be in the Ardchattan local history archive that is hosted here, or in the office, working on social media to bring you the latest news from local businesses, events and activities. There are several ginger cats who are likely to come over to say hi ..

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