Make Memories : Have Adventures at Kintaline House, Benderloch By Oban Argyll West Coast of Scotland
Serene Spacious Child-Free Well Appointed Comfort Rural Self catering Holiday home
Visit Oban, Scotland for mountains, islands, culture, heritage, sunsets, space, food, outdoor adventures, experiences and so much more

Halloween / Samhain on the West Coast of Scotland
Enjoy the beautiful scenery, indulge in fabulous food, take long walks in the woods or along the beaches, get out on to the water or enjoy some of the local Halloween events. Samhain is a time for reflection, a time to prepare for winter, to celebrate the summers achievements, your personal "harvest" of successes. At Kintaline you have all the space you need to enjoy each others company, or find a quiet place of your own. There is superfast wifi so you can get whatever techie stuff you need to do out of the way and indulge in some "me" / "us" time. The light in the landscape is beautiful, the Aurora Borealis visible when the circumstances are right, the Munros beckon, and the water inviting.
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